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Recently, I heard a young lady tell her beau “Hold the ring in your hand…  if you can’t even tell it’s there, it’s not the right ring.”  While I may not always agree with that, I can certainly understand what she meant.  Intricately carved from half an ounce of platinum, this patterned pair exudes quality.  


Just look at this bridal suite, shown here in profile. These are rings of distinction.  Each one features softly rounded edges that provide a truly comfortable fit.  I love the contrast between those smooth polished sides and the etched surface.  My favorite detail has to be the tiny twist of gold wire that sits below the center diamond…  still visible even when the rings are nestled side by side.  I love that little pop of color!  

A singular round brilliant diamond winks from the center of the engagement ring.  Held in place by four stout prongs, this diamond weighs .91 carat.  It sparkles and shines from every angle.  This diamond and pair of rings has been certified by the International Gemological Institute of America.  They have been valued at $12,015.00.  We have them available now on our site for just $8,960.00 (a savings of over 25%)!  

These and many others can be found at www.joden.com.  Check it out now, and as always…

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to Joden and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Shelly Isacco

Precious Medal

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and Platinum Rings

A medal is a small artistic object – a thin disc (usually made of metal) carrying a design – commemorating a significant event or achievement.  What better example of this is there than a wedding band?  Not only does this prized possession qualify as a medal, but it’s also a promise that two are becoming one; not just any two – you two!  Your story is unique.  Your ring should be, too.

From vintage to modern, this striking trio shares a common element that takes them to the next level…  they are all made from platinum, arguably the king of metals.  Platinum is beautiful, refined, and versatile with an inner strength – much like a woman.  The benefits of this precious metal far exceed aesthetics…  it’s a naturally occurring white element that requires little maintenance.  It’s 95% pure, making it hypoallergenic.  Platinum is extremely dense (60% heavier than gold), very durable, and quite rare.  Its use enhances the allure of these bands…

This piece is modern with an Edwardian inspired design.  The four-petaled blossoms encircle the entire ring, while only the top portion is diamond accented.  There are twenty-four fully faceted diamonds set into the vine with a combined total weight of .25 carats.  Priced at $2,500 – this beauty is certain to become an heirloom of tomorrow.


Four Old European Cut diamonds create sparkling centers for the intricately carved flowers in this vintage band.  The stems, leaves, and florets wrap artfully around the finger, with no beginning and no end.  Make this eternal enchantress yours for just $1700.

This final band has a hidden secret…  the original engraving is still inside!  Check out the close-up photo.  Dated 1936, this Art Deco piece offers quiet elegance.  There are twenty single-cut diamonds carefully set in two parallel lines across the top center of the ring.  These diamonds have a combined weight of .35 carats and are further accented by a delicate beaded edge.  It’s priced right at just $1400.

Like platinum, the beauty of these bands will never fade or tarnish – it’s everlasting.  And like your commitment, it only grows stronger with each scratch, creating a rich patina that will shine forevermore.  

For additional details on, call me or drop me an email at carrie@joden.com.  I’d love to hear from you!

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Shelly Isacco

Joe’s Special Box – Volume 4

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and A Collector’s Things

Wow!  It’s hard to believe it’s already been a month since we started the “Joe’s Special Box” series.  I am excited to share this week’s selection with you – it’s a rarity for me…  an emerald piece that I adore.  Being a May baby, emerald is my birthstone – but I’m usually more of a sapphire girl.  Until today.  Until this necklace. 

Everything about it is perfect.  I don’t have one single complaint.  This pendant dates back to the turn of the 20th century, making it late Edwardian or Early Art Deco.  It’s intricately crafted from platinum with a clever little-coiled wire heart motif at the top and bottom.  A singular emerald is set in east/west fashion across the base of the piece, with natural pearl and diamond accents.  It is simple elegance, and I love it! 

Affordable pendants from this period are rare – this one is not to be missed.  Make it yours for just $1600.

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Shelly Isacco

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