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Sometimes, in the jewelry world – the word reproduction carries a bit of a stigma.  A modern facsimile is not always as desirable as an antique original.  There’s no question that a mint condition, one hundred-year-old Edwardian filigree ring is worth more than the mere rocks and metal that it’s made from.   The age and rarity of the piece amp up the value, and like most antiques…  condition is everything.  Finding a pristine gem from the early 1900’s can be challenging to say the least.  Sometimes a modern lookalike is the perfect fit.

Clever wordplay and marketing genius has helped to change the opinion of copycat jewels.  The phrase “Art Deco Inspired” has a distinctly romantic feel to it – much better than “reproduction”!  At Joden, we pride ourselves on the broad range of our inventory; we often boast about having something for everyone and every budget.  But it’s not bragging if it’s true!

The halo on this little angel is comprised of fourteen single-cut diamonds.  These uniquely faceted stones feature just seventeen facets and were commonly used in Edwardian and Art Deco jewelry.  The ring is made entirely of platinum, with delicate milgrain beaded edges bordering every stone. 

Sitting center stage is an authentic old-cut pear-shape diamond that weighs .42 carat.  With a color grade of I and a clarity grade of VS – this dazzling beauty is the crowning glory of this modern marvel.  Originally priced at $3,500 – we are now offering it for just $2,625.  

Maybe pear-shapes aren’t for you…  not to worry, we’ve got you covered. 

This sweet gem is very similar to the first one, but at the same time…  it’s different.  Also made from platinum, it features fourteen single-cut diamonds in the halo – but this halo is cushion-shaped with a European cut diamond in the heart.  This Euro weighs .41 carat – it’s a bright G color and a VS clarity.  I love the round center with the cushion-shaped halo…  it’s unexpected and oh-so charming.  Previously priced at $4,225 – this beauty is now available for just $3,168.

My favorite detail of both rings is a small and easily over-looked element.  Between the center stones and the surrounding halo is a small space, room to breathe.  It’s a breath of fresh air.  And right now, let’s face it…  we could all use a little break and a whole lot of fresh air.  These rings are not on our site – call for details or stop by for a tiny bit of jewelry therapy.

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

Pick of the Week – Volume 31

Joden Girl

Baubles and Bling with Unbelievable Pricing

A tiny miniature painting…  what could be more endearing?  Or perhaps more scandalous!  In the late 18th century, these small depictions also known as lover’s eyes began popping up in Britain.  Sometimes these gems featured the eye of a child or family member…  however, sometimes the eye belonged to a forbidden lover!  

Lover’s eyes centered on a small painting of an eye, and perhaps an eyebrow…  but nothing more.  This was to keep the identity of the person secret.  Many of these pieces were surrounded by a halo of natural pearls or sparkling gemstones.  This incredibly intimate jewel brought to life the intense gaze of adoration.  Often, a look can convey so much more than words could ever say.  

These treasures are rare – it is believed that fewer than 1000 of them remain.  Many of these unusual pieces are brooches…  allowing them to be pinned and worn close to the heart.  This particular one is a pin and a pendant; it showcases a blue iris with a strong arched brow.  Twenty-six faceted black onyx stones surround the eye.

A hair receiver on the back of the piece is filled with an entwined lock of brown hair.  These two details – the black stones and the hair receiver – make me wonder if perhaps this lover’s eye is an early piece of mourning jewelry.  The pendant is accompanied by a yellow gold y-chain.  Once it is clasped around the neck, the piece itself rests lower on the neck, allowing it to be concealed underneath clothing should you so desire.

This unique gem has been a part of our inventory for more than a year.  Originally, it was on our site for $5,000.00.  We are now offering it as a Pick of the Week – which means it will be available with new and unbelievable pricing.  Now – this rare bit of history can be yours for just $2,500.00!

If you’re a collector of distinct finds, this lover’s eye is the piece for you.  Click the link to make it yours today.

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe and Shelly Isacco

January Gems

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling and Birthstone Things

For those of you born in the first month of the year, the garnet is your chosen gem… your birthstone.  This beauty is available in a dazzling array of varieties and colors.  Perhaps you are most familiar with the deep red version, but did you know that garnet also comes in various shades of orange, yellow, purple and green?  

In the Victorian era, the most beloved shade was Pyrope… a dark red colored garnet found in Bohemia.  These lovely stones were often set pavé-style using hundreds of tiny gems.  Reportedly, the January birthstone brings health, wealth and happiness; very appropriate for the first month of the year.  

This Victorian pendant features both cabochon and faceted garnets.  With rich purplish-red hues, these gemstones shine in an 18 karat yellow gold setting.  The color tone of the center stone is stunning…  loving the look when the light hits it!  Delicate milgrained wires coil around to create paisley shapes.  Nestled between the garnets are thirty-five antique cut diamonds; the overall look is ethereal and absolutely sublime.  

Here are just two of the ways to wear this statement piece: long and lovely on a strand of round garnet beads or tied tight on a choker of black grosgrain ribbon.  In addition to the attributes of health and wealth, garnets are believed to promote self-confidence and keep negative vibes at bay. 

Flipping this late 1800’s pendant over reveals yet another unique detail – a hair receiver.  Several strands of light brown hair are secured beneath the glass cover.  Moderately priced at $3,600 – this garnet pendant is the perfect piece to bring a bit of happiness into 2021.  

Not yet on our site, call us at 1-800-747-7552 for additional details.

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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