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She is the jelly to my peanut butter… on our own; each of us is good, but put us together, and something magical happens! We are Dana and Carrie – the dynamic duo that handles all things internet-related at Joden Jewelers.

Whether you are browsing our website, reading a blog entry, or simply admiring a post on Facebook or Instagram, we have created the content together. I compose the descriptive words, and Dana brings them to life with stunning images.

Joden is a jewelry-lovers paradise, and we delight in bringing you the best. We carefully select every piece we present and collaborate on every piece, every image, and every word. We pride ourselves on the growth of our internet presence and delight in every sale. It is truly a labor of love.

We strive to keep Joden Jewelers on the cutting edge of current trends while still paying homage to all the fabulous antique and estate eras of years gone by. Dana and I would love to meet you. Drop a comment or stop in and say “hi”!

Shoutout to Shaner Photography for this great photo. Taylor is as passionate about her work as we are; we highly recommend her for all your photography needs.

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