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Baubles, Bling, and 1940’s Things

Wide expanses of gleaming gold artfully set with vivid red rubies and dazzling white diamonds…  this is the image that comes to mind when I think about Retro jewelry.  Beginning at the end of the 1930’s with the onset of WWII in Europe, this period was heavily influenced by the changes happening in the world.  The use of platinum was restricted, paving the way for gold to make what was perhaps the greatest comeback of all time.  Strong designs sculpted from yellow, rose, and green gold made their way into the hearts of Hollywood celebrities and ultimately the hearts of the American people.

Many European jewelry firms shut down during the war, forcing craftsmen and artisans to immigrate to America where the economy was thriving.  These bold yet ultra-feminine dress clips signed Tiffany & Co. showcase all the best bits of Retro jewelry!

Check out that glorious scroll – it curls around in perfect symmetry, giving a bow-shaped appeal to each one.  The center of the bow is accented with gem-fine rubies…sixteen square cut beauties.  The bright pop of color creates the ideal setting for the tiny strip of diamonds sparkling from within.  I love the high-polished finish that completes these treasures.  The surface is sleek and smooth exhibiting a mirror-like reflection.  It’s dazzling.  Glam up a collar, a lapel, or even a sweater with these oh-so-curvaceous clips for $6,300.00.

The Retro years (late 1930s-mid-1950s) represent a nostalgic snippet of American history.  The mementos from that time, especially jewelry, are highly collectible and command big prices in the market.  These lookers, made by one of the most iconic and celebrated jewelers of all time are the epitome of Retro.  Don’t just take my word for it, come see them for yourself.  

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to Joden and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

Glittering Gold

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and a Tacori Ring

Timeless and classic – this 18 karat yellow gold ring by Tacori is perfection from every angle.  With a round diamond center stone weighing .70 carat and a single line of square diamonds down each shoulder – this ring is everything! 


Trademark Tacori details on the edges and shank add just the right amount of gingerbread to this already beautiful piece.  Every bit of this ring is made from yellow gold – it’s the ideal complement to the warm body color of the center diamond.  Many people think that every girl wants a bright, white diamond…  that just isn’t true!  In fact, many women are drawn to a stone that has a bit of color, like this one.  

Not only do many ladies prefer a warm diamond,  we have recently discovered that more and more girls are leaning toward the sultry rich tones of yellow gold.  And it’s not just about color.  They are also loving the low maintenance lifestyle of gold in it’s natural hue.  Unlike white gold, the shiny finish of a yellow gold ring is easily restored by polishing – no rhodium (or “dipping”) required.  

Moderately priced at just $3700, this designer bling is the ultimate choice for modern brides in search of enduring elegance.  

“Go to our site and look, then come to Joden and touch”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Carrie Martin and Shelly Isacco

A Heart of Gold

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and Little Things

The difference between good things and really great things is the details…  the small elements that combine to create true works of art.  I am always on the look-out for interesting pieces to share with you – this week, I was methodically peeking through trays of gold jewelry in Joe’s office.  I wasn’t expecting inspiration to strike…  I have looked at these pieces time and again.  Nonetheless, I was looking for SOMETHING.  That’s when I found these…

Two truly unique bracelets – I have seen both of them before, but never gave either more than a cursory glance.  When I picked up the first one, I pushed the tiny button that released the clasp.  I closed it around my wrist, this delicate tubular bangle made from 14 karat yellow gold featuring a pair of juxtaposed fans.  Then I brought it to my eye, my jeweler’s loupe at the ready.  Centered on the matte gold finish of each fan was a Japanese Crane in flight – an ancient symbol of good fortune and longevity.  Absolutely charming!  The finer points of this lovely Art Nouveau bangle – the details – make it worth every penny of it’s $1100 price. 

Then I picked up the second bracelet – this one a link-style.  When I moved the elegant little safety chain to the side and clasped the bracelet, that’s when I saw it!  Dangling from one side of the chain was a small gold heart, and on the other side, a miniature key. 

I didn’t need to know another single thing about the bracelet – I was enchanted by this… the key to someone’s heart.  For those who need to know more…  this beauty consists of eight links with a hand-engraved center.  Each section is a polished 18 karat yellow gold frame.  Inside the frames are alternating patterns of high-relief 22 karat yellow gold flowers and leaves.  Made in the 1950’s and designed for daily wear, subtle sophistication combines with whimsical detail to create a true gem.  Take it home today for just $3200.

The essence, the spirit of Joden is in the details.  When you see our signature black bag and the embossed gold ribbon on the package, you know there’s something incredible inside.  Check out our site at www.joden.com and then come to our showroom and experience the magic for yourself.

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Shelly Isacco

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