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Baubles, Bling, and Forever Rings

When David (my husband) and I first started talking about engagement rings, my original thought was random and a bit irrational.  Even then (18 plus years ago), I worked at Joden – a fact that influenced my engagement ring journey in more ways than one.   Working here, we handle quite large diamonds on a daily basis.  I had become very spoiled.  My first thought went something like this – “Let’s buy the biggest diamond we can afford!  I want a really big diamond!”  As you can imagine this thought was not very popular with David…  not only for financial reasons, but also because he wanted me to have a ring with character.  A forever ring.

This is the thought that led me to set aside a radiant diamond that weighed 1.26 carats but actually looked much larger, closer to 2.00 carats.  David hated it immediately.  And to be blunt, I didn’t love it either.  But it LOOKED big!  I stuck with it for several weeks – until I laid eyes on my ring.  One day I walked into Joe’s office, and there it was just laying on a black velvet tray.  As soon as I put it on my finger, I knew it was the ring.  The decision had little to do with the size of the diamond and everything to do with the way I felt when I looked at the ring.

If I were getting engaged today, I would choose a ring the same way – by the way it makes me feel.  This picture features two rings that would be top contenders for me…


The first ring is an authentic Edwardian ring from 1915 with a rose-cut diamond center stone.  That alone makes the ring unique.  Add in the fine filigree detailing on the sides of the ring, the exquisite engraving that extends down the shoulders, and the tiny milgrain beads that create a knife edge at the peak of the band – it’s a rare beauty.  The photos do not do justice to this piece, you NEED to see this ring in person!  But you better hurry…  priced at just $6500, it won’t last long.

This ring, from the early 1940’s is all about the multicolor gold.  Rose gold scrolls support the kite shaped white gold segments that flank the center diamond – each one hand engraved with a floral-esque pattern.  The yellow gold shank makes this ring a perfect trifecta of golden loveliness.  If you’re a Retro girl, this ring is for you.  It’s available on our site for only $4700.00.

And finally, for the irrational twenty-something girl who is still inside me somewhere, here’s the “big” diamond that has stolen my heart…

A vision of Art Deco perfection, this 6.58 carat diamond is absolutely stunning.  I cannot do justice to this ring with mere words.  Let me just add this…  with an appraised value of $196,245.00, what could possibly be better?  Come in and experience the luxury for yourself. 

Go to our site and look, then come to Joden and touch. 

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Shelly Isacco

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