Everything’s Coming Up Rose

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and a Pink Ring

Recently, girls have been going crazy for rose gold engagment rings – and I totally get it.  The soft pink glow of the metal is warm, romantic, and utterly feminine.  What could be more girly than a pink ring?  This matched set utilizes rose gold and dainty details to perfection.

The alternating “navette-round-navette-round” pattern of the band creates a delightful scalloped edge.  It pairs flawlessly with the beaded millegrain border.  Together, these delicate design elements give a vintage vibe to an otherwise modern set.  

While this suite certainly looks fantastic on its own, I wondered how it might look in a tiny stack.  That thought sent me on a journey, and here’s what I discovered…

I love it even more with this white gold eternity band nestled between the rose gold rings.  I adore the contrast provided by the cool white metal…  and the additional 53 diamonds amp up the bling!  Here’s the scoop on all three pieces.  First, we have the original pair – two 18 karat rose gold rings with a .58 carat round brilliant center stone.  The 37 diamonds set in the scalloped bands add an additional .50 carat…  moderately priced at $4500 for both. 

If you’re like me, you’ll have to add that third ring!  It’s an 18 karat white gold eternity band made in a “shared prong” style.  This band is set with 53 full cut round diamonds that have a total weight of .31 carats for $1600.   

These, and many other rose gold engagement rings are available on our site and in our showroom.  As always…

“Go to our site and look, then come to Joden and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Shelly Isacco and Carrie Martin

Joe’s Special Box – Volume 11

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and A Collector’s Things

When I found this delicate beauty in Joe’s Special Box, I loved it immediately.   Then I saw the price – $1380.00.  While it certainly isn’t the most expensive ring we have, still – I was a bit surprised.  It’s lovely and positively screams quality, however, it seemed a bit high for such a little thing.  I asked Joe about it, and his response was simple…  “Because it’s absolutely beautiful.”

Anyone can see that he’s right.  The ring sits perfectly on the finger with a navette-shaped onyx center accented by three natural pearls and fourteen rose cut diamonds.  I didn’t realize how special the ring was until we started to really study it.  With his loupe in hand, Joe described how the shank of the ring was made – only then did I understand the true beauty of the piece.


The main structure of this ring was painstakingly handcrafted from a singular piece of rosy 18 karat gold.  To form the triple-split shank, the artisan carefully drilled holes into the design, then used a fine jeweler’s saw to remove excess metal.  The photos above show just how precise the handiwork is.  Then an extremely time-consuming process called trumming began.  Strips of cloth that were coated in polishing compound were threaded into the sawn surfaces of the ring – these strips were moved back and forth, time after time until the gold was smooth and polished.  This technique would have taken countless hours.  Suddenly, $1380 seemed like a bargain.  Go to our site and look, surely you’ll agree.

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Shelly Isacco

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