Pick of the Week Holiday Edition – Volume 4

Joden Girl

Baubles and Bling with Unbelievable Pricing

Eternity bands – customers either love them or they don’t.  Personally, I am a big fan.  I adore the sentimental aspect of the endless pattern.  Symbolizing the eternal commitment that you and your significant other have made, a never-ending ring of stones seems so appropriate.  

The primary concern about these beauties is sizing.  Some think that not only are you vowing to love someone throughout all eternity, you’re also vowing to stay the same size as well!  There’s no question that some eternity bands cannot be sized.  However, in the hands of a skilled expert, many can be adjusted if necessary.  

For the fourth piece in our holiday series, we’ve chosen this 18-karat white gold diamond vine ring by Beverley K.  There’s so much to love about this botanical beauty.  Currently measuring a size 6, this ring wraps the finger in an unending band of coiled vines and leaves.  Delicate milgrain beading decorates every line and curve of the band adding an oh-so-vintage vibe to this modern, new piece.

Featuring two sizes of leaves, the eight larger ones contain a round brilliant diamond.  In total, these diamonds have a weight of .13 carat.  Dainty and darling, this feminine band has been featured on our site for $1,375.00.  Although it is still a current offering in the Beverley K line, we have decided to drop the price on this one.  It’s now available for just $950!  That’s a discount of more than 30% – do not sleep on this sale!  It’s the only one we have and it won’t last at this price.  Click over to our site and hit that buy button.  

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

Give Me Five

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling and Stackable Things

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times…  I am a sucker for unique wedding bands.  Thin or thick, plain or with diamonds, vintage or modern – it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite.  Almost. 

In this eclectic assortment, there is a little bit of everything.  Each ring can be worn on its own, but what a powerhouse when you stack them tall!  There are three modern bands, and two estate.  Can you guess which is which?  If you have a hunch that the matched pair are vintage, you’re spot on!  These beauties are made from 18 karat yellow gold with an endless channel of black enamel, priced at $800.00 for both.  

Two distinctive diamond pieces add sparkle and brilliance.  First, is an 18 karat white gold gem made by Beverley K.  The unusual honeycomb style setting features a series of 28 round brilliant diamonds that have a combined weight of .63 carat.  This eternal enchantress packs a punch for just $1,750.00.  Next is a 14 karat yellow gold stunner.  With diamonds on the top half, set in an alternating framework of both marquise and round shapes, this brand new bauble offers an antique appeal.  It’s available now for $1,100.00.

Last but definitely not least, if you hadn’t already guessed, is my personal favorite.  Can we talk about that enameled daisy band?  14 karat white gold is the ideal base for this multicolored marvel.  Pale yellow centers surrounded by white petals and mint green leaves pop on a black background.  It’s a botanical masterpiece – priced to sell at just $675.00.

As I mentioned before, each of these bands can be worn alone, but the combination is unbeatable.  Perhaps one or more of them has caught your eye.  Call us at 1-800-747-7552 for ownership possibilities.  

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

Joe’s Special Box – Volume 89

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and A Collector’s Things

I love vintage wedding bands…  and if they are eternity bands, so much the better.  Call me a romantic, but I adore the sentiment behind the eternity band.  Infinite or unending time…  the ultimate definition of marriage.  My own wedding band features a continual pattern of platinum diamond daisies with textured 18 karat yellow gold centers – check it out!  

Each time I stumble across an old wedding band, I do several things.  First and foremost, I try it on.  I want to know how it fits, what it feels like, and how it looks on my hand.  Then, I go all over it with my loupe…  inside and out.  Does it have any hallmarks?  Inside engraving?  Finally, I ask myself “Is this blog worthy?”  This band is most definitely blog worthy!

This 14 karat two tone beauty from Joe’s Special Box is absolutely divine.  Where to begin?  Perhaps with that scalloped edge created from a series of half-moon designs.  This utterly feminine detail enhances the lacy pattern of the center section.  Ten east/west oriented marquise shapes are carefully fitted between ten narrow parallel bars.  Each marquise has been set with a single round diamond for a combined weight of .30 carat – a little sparkle is always good!

It looks great on the hand and is quite comfortable.  This little gem is perfect alone but would also work well in a stack.  It’s available now on our site for just $560.00.  Make it yours now.  

“Go to our site and look, them come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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