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Currently my life is a re-enactment of “Driving Miss Daisy”.  I, of course, am the star of the show, Miss Daisy.  The role of Hoke (Miss Daisy’s driver) is being played by a myriad of different actors – basically anyone I can get to take me where I need to go.  I had surgery in December resulting in a cast on my left leg that prohibits me from driving.  So…  here I am.  Miss Daisy.

Earlier this week, I shared a daisy ring with you.  Daisies are my favorite flower.  They’re so happy!  I absolutely have to share this daisy pendant with you.

This pendant was included in my “Twelve Gifts of Christmas” series.  I am shocked that we still have this little gem.  It’s made by “Tiffany & Co”.  Constructed from 18 karat rose gold, it features five pear-shaped lavender amethysts and one tiny round diamond center.  Although it has been retired, it is still available at select Tiffany & Co. stores for $1550.00.  Not a bad price for a Tiffany piece. 


Two reasons why I can’t believe this piece is still here…  First, it’s adorable.  Rose gold is hugely popular and this is a perfect way to add a bit of it to your jewelry wardrobe.  Here’s the second reason.  Brace yourself.  We have this pendant priced at just $750.00!  Less than half of the original price at Tiffany & Co.  It’s a steal!  Make it yours today.

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Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Shelly Isacco

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