Pick of the Week Holiday Edition – Volume 3

Joden Girl

Baubles and Bling with Unbelievable Pricing

As promised, we’re back with yet another of our favorite pieces.  Navette-shaped, this elegant ring measures an inch from tip to tip – this style has been beloved for more than 150 years.  Victorians embraced the elongated profile, decorating them with everything from diamonds and colored stones to pearls and turquoise.  This sleek stunner has been on our site for a minute; and to be honest, we’re shocked that it hasn’t sold.  

The perfect compliment to any hand, this antique beauty is made from rosy 14-karat yellow gold.  A cushiony-oval natural ruby fills the center of the ring; it’s held in place by four prongs.  Exhibiting a rich raspberry hue, this precious gem weighs approximately 1.40 carats.  

Ruby is the July birthstone and has long been utilized to celebrate 40 years of marriage.  Widely accepted as the most desirable of all gemstones, rubies are prized for their glorious red color.  Known as the gemstone of courage, legend has it that those who wear rubies will live a life devoid of fear.  Enhancing this ruby are twenty-six Old Mine Cut diamonds.  Sparkling and shimmering in the light, these diamonds have a combined weight of approximately 1.50 carats!  A single stone marks both the Northern and Southern tips of the ring while the remaining two dozen stones fill the 1890’s setting to perfection.

These photos show the ring on both the middle finger of my left hand as well as the ring finger of my right hand illustrating that this ring is as versatile as it is beautiful.  It looks great and is comfortable and easy to wear.  Rubies and diamonds are extremely durable and ensure that this ring will look great for years to come.  As promised, each piece in this series will be offered at a new and unbelievable price.  Previously listed for $4,850.00, this ring is now priced at just $4,100.00!  Click the photos to take to our site where you can make it yours.  

“You can go to a museum and look or you can come to and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

Pick of the Week – Volume 56

Joden Girl

Baubles and Bling with Unbelievable Pricing

In the Victorian era (1837-1901), the diamond was not the most popular choice for engagement rings.  In fact, more often than not, the recipient’s birthstone was chosen for the occasion.  Queen Victoria’s ring was no exception.  Designed by Albert, it was an 18-karat yellow gold serpent that wrapped around her finger.  The sinuous snake showcased ruby eyes, a diamond mouth…  and an emerald set in its head.  Born on May 24th, 1819, the emerald was Victoria’s birthstone.  

Perhaps this ring was originally created for the same purpose…  it would have been a lovely betrothal ring.  Made in the late Victorian era, this curvaceous charmer was constructed from 14-karat yellow gold.  The center boasts a bright green pear-shaped emerald that weighs approximately 1.25 carats.  

Gem fine, the color tone and saturation are stellar and can only be described as emerald green.  While the stone is not flawless, it’s reasonably clean – a rarity for an emerald.  Just like diamonds, colored stones are graded using the Four C’s…  color, cut, clarity and carat weight.  As you might suspect, color is the most important “C” for colored gems.  In regard to emeralds, clarity ranks a close second.  To have both outstanding color and superb clarity is nearly unheard of.  

Surrounding the emerald are fourteen Old Mine Cut diamonds.  One additional stone crowns the tip.  Together, these diamonds have a total weight of .75 carat.  An antique beauty, this ring is an exceptional example.  It has presented one question…  would you wear it with the point up?  Or point down?

It looks lovely either way.  There’s no right or wrong answer, merely personal preference.  If you’re lucky enough to own this ring, you can wear any way you want! 

This beauty is an old friend…  we’ve had it for a while.  It’s been on our website longer than most – priced at $7200.00.  We recently selected it as the latest Pick of the Week and are offering it now for just $3,950.00!  That’s a savings of over forty percent.  Whether you wear it on your left hand or right – point up or point down, this is a ring that is begging to be worn.  Take advantage of these incredible savings.  Hop over to our site and add it to your cart today. 

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe and Shelly Isacco

All Tied Up

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling and Knotty Things

A recurring theme since the 1600’s through the present day, the bow has been a beloved symbol of jewelers for centuries.  Often employed to communicate a message that couldn’t be spoken aloud, this elegant emblem was most often spotted pinned near the heart…  conveying the ever so romantic message that the wearer was in love. 

Time and again, the ribbon ornaments made in the Edwardian era were realistic and free-flowing with asymmetrical trailing tails.  This gem, crafted on the cusp of the Art Deco period is a departure from that style; it’s reminiscent of the bows made for the French Royal Court in the 17th century.  Prim and proper with perfectly even halves, this platinum topped 14-karat white gold bow brooch is lovely.

Criss-crossed patterns of lacy filigree exude femininity.  Already a symbol of love, this bow has a secondary message woven among the intricate design…  tiny forget-me-not flowers bloom on each loop and tail.  Much like tying a string around your finger can remind you to do something, the miniature blossoms on this bow brooch are meant to keep a special someone constantly on your mind.

The beauty is further enhanced by bejeweled edges.  There are thirteen Old Mine Cut diamonds that offer .50 carat of scintillating sparkle.  It shimmers and shines from every angle and is a true enhancement to any outfit.  

Priced at $1,000.00 – this charmer will be on our website soon.  If this bow has you tied up in knots, but just can’t envision yourself wearing a brooch – don’t worry!  With two highly skilled bench jewelers in our on-premises shop, this brooch can become the necklace of your dreams.  A few small modifications and the addition of a chain will take this piece to the next level.  These changes can be done easily and won’t break the bank.   Give us a call at 800.747.7552 or drop an email to carrie@joden.com with any questions.  

“You can go to a museum and look or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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