The Early Bird Gets The Worm

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Every year I vow that I will start Christmas shopping early.  I promise myself (and my husband) that I’ll get a head start and that I won’t go overboard.  And every year I find myself still picking up last minute gifts on Christmas Eve.  And when I drag all the bags, boxes, and packages out to begin the midnight wrap-a-thon…  there’s no doubt that I have, indeed, gone overboard.  Again.  

This is going to be my year!  It’s only October and I have already purchased five presents!  That’s right – FIVE!  I can hardly believe it myself.  This can be your year, too.  For the next twelve weeks, I am going to share a series of gift worthy pieces, starting with this gorgeous diamond band.  Stay tuned each week, and check those names off your list with exclusive gifts from Joden.  

An openwork pattern of alternating sideways hearts and diamonds come together in this band ring. Made of 14 karat white gold, this glittering gem features 121 round brilliant diamonds.  It sparkles from every angle.  I love it on my index or middle finger – but it works just as well on a ring finger or even a thumb. And here’s the best part (you might want to sit down for this)…  it’s available now for just $700!  It’s a big look for a budget price.  But we only have one – so don’t hesitate.  Come in, call me, text me, or send an email – buy this ring.  It the perfect gift for someone on your list, even if that someone is you.  Stay tuned for next week’s early bird special!

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to Joden and touch.”

Writing and Photos by Carrie Martin

Joe’s Special Box – Volume 31

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Vintage diamond engagement rings are always in demand at Joden.  One of the things we hear most often is “I don’t want a ring that looks like everyone else’s.”  Our customers crave uniqueness and individuality.  Pieces made during the Edwardian and Art Deco periods offer just that…  quality with distinction, real style.  Often times, these little beauties never make it past Joe’s Special Box.  He scoops them up because he also knows their value and rarity.  It’s becoming more and more difficult to find these rings.

Earlier this week, I found this gem tucked into a tray of new purchases in Joe’s office.  Coincidentally, this is exactly how I stumbled upon my own engagement ring nearly twenty years ago.  It was just laying on a tray in the office…  waiting for me.  After all these years, I love my ring just as much as I did the day I got it.  Here’s my ring and wedding band…  and also another picture of this week’s featured piece.  Alot of similarities there, right?


Made entirely of platinum at the end of the Art Deco period, this sweet little ring caught my eye immediately!  I love the simplistic three-stone appeal of it.  Set with a .66 carat round diamond in the center, and flanked by a pair of single cut diamonds, it’s timeless perfection – priced at $3,500.00.

Just as my ring was waiting for me. this engaging enchantress is at Joden – waiting for you.

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to Joden and touch.”

Photos and writing by Carrie Martin

“Diamonds Are Happier When They’re Free!”

Joden Girl

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Since 1860, Chopard has been known for classic style and superb quality.  For nearly 175 years, fashionistas worldwide have indulged in their luxury items.  The Swiss based company introduced their most iconic line in 1976…  Happy Diamonds!

Inspired by a waterfall and the thousands of water droplets that burst from it, the designer sought a look with floating diamonds, where they could be free and uninhibited. 

This whimsical earring is created from 18 karat yellow gold.  Ten of the finest Chopard diamonds dance between two pieces of sapphire crystal which has been expertly etched with their famous logo.  These ten round brilliant diamonds have an approximate weight of .50 carat.  Combine that with the sixty-two prong-set diamonds that create the heart-shaped halo for a sum of 1.00 carat total weight.  I love the contemporary feminine feel of these beauties.  

Similar designs are still part of the Happy Diamonds collection with selections available for purchase.  This pair of pre-owned earrings is available at now at  We are offering these playful yet timeless gems for $3,350.00.  Differentiate yourself with antique, estate, and modern jewelry from Joden!

” You can go to our site and look, then come to Joden and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Shelly Isacco

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