Joe’s Special Box – Volume 33

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and A Collector’s Things

I’m not into heart shapes.  Well, maybe if it’s a cookie, but not in jewelry.  Once in a long while one of these little love tokens will catch my eye – like this diminutive beauty.  Measuring only one inch from the top of the bail to the point at the bottom, this symbol of affection is completely covered in Old Mine Cut diamonds; twenty-nine of them to be exact, with a combined weight of 1.50 carats.  


I adore everything about this piece…  especially that it’s not just a pendant, it’s also a pin.  Although brooches aren’t as popular as they once were, one of this size is much easier to wear…  pin it to your collar, your lapel, or even your cuff for a trendy modern feel.  Style it short like a choker or on your favorite strand of pearls for a classic look, this gem is so versatile.  

Made during the late 1800’s, this Victorian pendant is in pristine condition.  A lovely rosy patina has developed on the 18 karat yellow gold framework, adding another element of vintage appeal.  It’s as beautiful today as it was when it was made, nearly 150 years ago.  It’s no surprise that I found it in Joe’s Special Box.  Priced at $4,700.00, this pendant melts my heart.  

Photos and Writing by Carrie Martin

All I Want For Christmas

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and a Sapphire Ring

I know, I know…  it’s not even Halloween yet.  The leaves are just starting to turn and pumpkin spice is popping up everywhere.  Fall is finally here.  And as a die-hard jeans and hoodie kind of girl, this is my favorite time of year.  It’s football games, bonfires, and candy corn.  But, these days you can get your Halloween treats and Christmas stockings at the same time.  Christmas, it seems, comes earlier every year.  There are really only two choices…  fight it to the bitter end or get on board.  Let’s try for the latter…


Last week, I shared a stunning openwork diamond band.  It was the first in a series of holiday gift suggestions.  This sapphire ring is next on my list.  Made from a gorgeous 14 karat rose gold, this vintage inspired beauty is sure to bring squeals of delight on December 25th.  Delicate filigree swirls are accented by four tiny round brilliant diamonds.  A rich blue cushion shaped sapphire is the crowning glory for this piece.  Weighing 1.15 carats, this cerulean gem is positively drool worthy.

Perfect as a right hand ring or for those of you seeking a non-traditional engagement ring – this week’s selection is moderately priced at $2950.00.  At Joden, we have more sapphire rings than I can count – but one thing is sure…  we have the perfect piece for you.  We’re open Monday through Saturday from 9-5.  Our experts are on hand to help you with every name on your Christmas list, even if they’re on the naughty list!

“You can go to a museum and look, or you can come to Joden and touch.”

Photos and Writing by Carrie Martin

Joe’s Special Box – Volume 32

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and A Collector’s Things

I love seeing this.  A tray of new purchases on the corner of Joe’s desk.  It’s a treasure hunt for gold, diamonds, and gemstones.  I never know what I’ll find…  but there’s always something that catches my eye.  

And there it is… a pair of delicate antique bands – one featuring a row of collet-set round opals and the other is a line of bright green cabochon stones.  These little cuties are perfect for stacking.  That thought sent me straight to Joe’s Special Box.  I remembered another gem hiding there.  

Get an eyeful of this sweet Victorian beauty.  A vintage halo of fourteen rose-cut diamonds surround a cabochon opal center.  Like most rings from the late 1800’s, the gold setting has a slight rosy hue, it’s the perfect complement to the flashes of green and pink in the opal.  I love the primitive faceting of a rose cut diamond…  like snowflakes, no two are alike.  Opal (the October birthstone) displays a phenomenon of nature commonly referred to as “play of color”.  As you move the stone around, flashes of light and color come back to the eye – it’s mesmerizing.  

This ring is in Joe’s Special Box and is available now for $975.00.  As for the pair of bands, they’re destined for restoration in our shop.  Our in-house facility boasts state-of-the-art tools and equipment as well as two master benchman.  Like all new acquisitions, these bands will be carefully evaluated and repaired before making their way to our showroom, or perhaps even into Joe’s Special Box.

Writing and Photos by Carrie Martin

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to Joden and touch.”

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