Hot or Not – Volume Nine

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling and Curious Things

This week we have selected a ring that has been cause for debate.  It’s been on display in the store, added to the case by one and then quickly taken back out by another. It’s been schlepped from here to there, yet always comes back.  Not unlike Cinderella’s slipper, it just hasn’t found its perfect match.

Made from 13.1 dwt of 18-karat white gold, this ring offers a solid presence.  Featured at the top of a high-polished wide shank is a u-shaped curl that measures an inch in length.  Sitting vertically and running parallel with the finger, this architectural structure is encrusted with 250 natural blue sapphires.  These round beauties range in hue from a soft cerulean to a deep cobalt, creating a subtle ombré feel.  These glittering gems reach from knuckle to knuckle with 6.00 carats of scintillating sparkle. 


Even the outermost edges of this curvaceous conundrum are covered with corundum.  Ultra-modern and stylishly sleek, our ring presents an unusual look that waffles somewhere between wearable art and weaponry.  Weighing over half an ounce and shimmering with sapphires, there’s no question about the intrinsic value of the piece.  The real question is about its aesthetic appeal.  

The finger size is relatively small, it fits perfectly on the ring finger of my right hand.  Inside the shank, the metal is smooth and shiny making it comfortable to wear.  With so much working in its favor, it must be beautiful…  but is it?  I appreciate the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship that created the ring, and yet, I’m torn.  Is it hot, or not?

This ring has been part of our inventory for years, just waiting for its soulmate.  If that’s you, stop in or give us a call.  It’s available in our showroom for just $2200.00.

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

Every Picture Tells A Story

 Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling and a Victorian Ring

Clues.  Jewelry is filled with them…  and it’s up to us to play detective to find them and discover everything we can about a particular treasure.  Sometimes we get lucky and the clues are crisp and clear, stamped right on the item.  They’re called hallmarks, maker’s marks, or assay marks.  

As you can see, this sweet little ring has a series of these marks and they do, in fact, tell a story.  I used my mini magnifying glass (a loupe) to interpret each one:

  • LBS – This is the “Maker’s Mark”.  These letters signify the jeweler who made the ring.  I searched the internet as well as our in-house library to try to find out just who LBS might be with no luck.  Not gonna lie, I was a bit bummed… but not deterred!  
  • CROWN – This is called the “Gold Standard Mark”.  All gold jewelry in the United Kingdom that is 9 karat, 14 karat, 18 karat or 22 karat will bear this symbol.
  • 18 – This is the “Gold Fineness or Purity Mark” noting that this ring is made from 18 karat gold.
  • ANCHOR – This is the “Assay Mark” that tells where the ring was stamped.  The anchor is the symbol for the Burmingham Assay office in the United Kingdom.
  • h – The small letter “h” shows that this ring was made and assayed in 1882.

Unique details add to the rich history of this delicate beauty.  Deeply etched scrolls create an unusual pattern on each shoulder while the center plaque has a diagonal flourish handset with a bright blue sapphire and two tiny rose cut diamonds, adding a bit of whimsical charm to this Victorian darling.  Two additional sapphires are set within the side scrolls, a pop of blue against the buttery 18 karat yellow gold. 

This ring is low profile and easy to wear.  Perfect alone as a non-traditional wedding band or right-hand ring or piled high with your favorite stackables – make this one yours for just $775.00.  

“Go to our site and look, then come to Joden and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

The Fabulous Fifties

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and a 1950’s Ring

Turn back the clock…  let’s go back to the ’50’s.  Elvis was on the radio, gas was .18 cents a gallon, and no one had ever heard of cell phones.  A new house cost about $8500 and a new car was just $1500.  Families were moving out of the city and into the suburbs.  There was a 12″ black & white TV in every living room, a Diners Club card in every wallet, and milk was delivered to your doorstep.  It sounds… dreamy.  

Call me old-fashioned or maybe even crazy, but it seems like a little piece of heaven.  Homemaking was a career in and of itself.  Children were delivered to school – on foot as most families only had one car if at all.  Then it was on to food shopping (done daily as everything was fresh) – women visited the butcher, the grocer, and the green grocer.  Then laundry, cleaning, sewing and knitting – just to name a few!  These women took great pride in their home and families.  Many times I have lamented the fact that I was born in the wrong decade. 

I can see myself in a classic floral print shirtwaist dress (with an apron over top), sensible flats, and this ring on my left hand.  The wider width and larger diamond center have the appeal of a two piece bridal set wrapped up in the simplicity of a single ring.  The style of this piece gives a nod to Art Deco style with a decidedly modern twist.  The center boasts a bright .33 carat round brilliant diamond.  An alternating pattern of leaves and diagonal strips create a lacy pierced design.  Twelve more round diamonds are sprinkled throughout this Mid-Century Modern gem – adding an additional .30 carats to this beauty.  

I am a smitten kitten, no doubt.  There are so many possibilities… wear it as an engagement ring or a wedding band.  It makes an ideal anniversary band or even a right-hand ring.  Add it to your favorite stack or wear it alone for effortless appeal.  

Here’s the BEST part…  it won’t break the bank!  Originally priced at $1,650 – this ring has been price reduced for a quick sale.  It’s available now for just $980!  Yep – you read that right…  .63 carats of vintage bling for less than a thousand dollars.  Make it yours today.  **Update** This ring has sold.  

“You can go to a museum and look or come to Joden and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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