Joe’s Special Box – Volume 79

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Baubles, Bling, and A Collector’s Things

Occasionally a modern jewelry manufacturer makes such fine pieces with the highest levels of craftsmanship, they almost have us believing that the jewel is a true antique.  In the 1940’s, one such maker was a firm called Baumstein and Feder.  You may not be familiar with their work…  It wasn’t until this sneaky snake showed up that I first heard their name.

The sheer heft of this ring speaks for the quality of it.  Weighing over 17 grams of 14 karat yellow gold, this snake wraps the finger with the tail looping around the head.  The entire surface is textured with a scale-like crosshatch pattern, giving an authentic feel to this reptilian ring.  It’s incredibly lifelike – the bulky muscles seeming to bulge beneath the golden skin.  A matched pair of single cut diamond eyes seem to wink with the hint of a sinister smile.  A crisp hallmark (BaumF) leaves no doubt as to who crafted this piece.  It’s a Mid Century marvel, priced right at $2,350.00.  Snake rings are quite popular – and I’m certain this one is no exception.  With such exquisite detail, this piece won’t last long.

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

The Fabulous Fifties

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and a 1950’s Ring

Turn back the clock…  let’s go back to the ’50’s.  Elvis was on the radio, gas was .18 cents a gallon, and no one had ever heard of cell phones.  A new house cost about $8500 and a new car was just $1500.  Families were moving out of the city and into the suburbs.  There was a 12″ black & white TV in every living room, a Diners Club card in every wallet, and milk was delivered to your doorstep.  It sounds… dreamy.  

Call me old-fashioned or maybe even crazy, but it seems like a little piece of heaven.  Homemaking was a career in and of itself.  Children were delivered to school – on foot as most families only had one car if at all.  Then it was on to food shopping (done daily as everything was fresh) – women visited the butcher, the grocer, and the green grocer.  Then laundry, cleaning, sewing and knitting – just to name a few!  These women took great pride in their home and families.  Many times I have lamented the fact that I was born in the wrong decade. 

I can see myself in a classic floral print shirtwaist dress (with an apron over top), sensible flats, and this ring on my left hand.  The wider width and larger diamond center have the appeal of a two piece bridal set wrapped up in the simplicity of a single ring.  The style of this piece gives a nod to Art Deco style with a decidedly modern twist.  The center boasts a bright .33 carat round brilliant diamond.  An alternating pattern of leaves and diagonal strips create a lacy pierced design.  Twelve more round diamonds are sprinkled throughout this Mid-Century Modern gem – adding an additional .30 carats to this beauty.  

I am a smitten kitten, no doubt.  There are so many possibilities… wear it as an engagement ring or a wedding band.  It makes an ideal anniversary band or even a right-hand ring.  Add it to your favorite stack or wear it alone for effortless appeal.  

Here’s the BEST part…  it won’t break the bank!  Originally priced at $1,650 – this ring has been price reduced for a quick sale.  It’s available now for just $980!  Yep – you read that right…  .63 carats of vintage bling for less than a thousand dollars.  Make it yours today.  **Update** This ring has sold.  

“You can go to a museum and look or come to Joden and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

Make a Statement

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and Cocktail Rings

Stone setting, gold soldering, laser welding, rhodium plating, ring sizing…  all of these things and more happen in our shop every day.  With two full-time master bench jewelers, we have been providing the finest quality jewelry repair and restoration for nearly fifty years.  

In our never-ending quest to fill our cases with drool-worthy vintage gems and jewels, we often stumble across pieces that are in need of a little love…  perhaps a diamond needs tightened or a prong needs re-tipped.  Occasionally, exceptional pieces receive a total renovation.  Our specialists breath new life into the time worn treasures.  

I pulled each piece of this Mid-Century Modern trio from a small square box; carefully etched onto each corner with painstaking precision are the words “New Goods”.  It’s a cache of the most recent acquisitions including these spectacular cocktail rings fresh from the shop.

The term “cocktail ring” was coined during the prohibition years.  Secret parties were held, serving forbidden alcoholic beverages.  Women’s roles were changing in their households as well as society.  When these ladies arrived at a taboo get-together – they ARRIVED – dressed to the nines with diamonds dripping off their fingers.  Sporting a giant sparkler on your right hand was a way to declare that you were more than a wife, more than the rings on your left hand.  

Bold open designs combine with swirling lines and bursts of diamonds to create an Old Hollywood look.  These asymmetrical beauties feature round and fancy shaped diamonds accented by beaded edges, delicate engraving, and even more diamonds.  Imagine showing up to a party wearing one them on your right hand!  Make your own statement…  pricing begins at $1350.

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“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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