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On a scale of my most to least favorite types of jewelry, bracelets come in near or at the bottom.  I like to look at them, and I want to wear them – but somehow, they end up laying in a puddle on my desk before I’ve finished my first cup of tea.  

I used to think it was because I have a small wrist.  I wear a six-inch bracelet as opposed to the standard seven-inch length.  But, with an in-house bench jeweler – I could easily have a bracelet adjusted to fit.  I also discovered that there are a lot of custom-sized (both shorter and longer) bracelets in antique jewelry.  So, it would seem that the wrist size was just a cop out.  In my heart of hearts, I’m really a ring and earring girl.

Recently, we acquired a really lovely piece that has me giving bracelets a second look.  Made entirely of 18-karat, this beauty was made in the late 1800’s, near the turn of the century.  There are seventeen individual links…  nine of them feature two interlocking whiplash lines with a small cornflower blue sapphire set in the center.  Each bright blue gem is set within a smooth-edged bezel – combined these nine stones have a total weight of .75 carat.  

Alternating with those links are eight small floral blossoms.  Three-dimensional and lifelike, each tiny flower has five petals.  Marking the center of each one is a small natural pearl.  It’s a Victorian vibe with hints of Art Nouveau – a truly glorious combination.  It measures a generous 7.5 inches with a cleverly hidden clasp.  For a smaller size wrist, it could be adjusted.  Super sweet and in superb condition, this bracelet is on our site for just $2,350.00.  

At the end of the day, I’m still a ring and earring girl.  I can appreciate a great bracelet and might even take one for a spin now and again.  This beauty deserves full-time love and appreciation.  If you’re a true bracelet lover, hop on over to our site and make this one yours.  

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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