What’s New – Volume 55

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Art Nouveau is my favorite period… the pieces made in the years between 1890-1910 are incredibly expressive.  The lines are organic and fluid with soft curves.  Combined with vibrant colored enamel – the results are unbelievably beautiful.  

This week we’re sharing an intricately designed layout necklace…

It’s handmade from 15-karat gold, which is clearly marked on both the clasp and the back of the medallion center.  A small round convex circle marks the middle of the necklace.  Spiraling out from that point are fourteen wire petals dotted with small beads of gold.  A secondary set of petals join the interior set, two by two.  Each of these features a milgrain-edged coil.  A crisp round border encapsulates this filigree wonder. 

Attached by a pair of chains are additional decorative links that further serve to enhance the inherent beauty of the piece.  Each of the three links showcase small oval shapes and several more golden coils.  A faintly transparent cobalt blue enamel coats the center circle, its border and all three ovals.  Only by using my loupe was I able to discern the pattern carved into the metal beneath the bold enamel.  

There are no diamonds, no sapphires, no gems of any kind.  The necklace isn’t large or imposing.  It doesn’t spin or move.  And yet…  the delicate filigree metal work and intense blue enamel combine to create a stunning piece. Authentic and original from top to bottom, this beauty is in pristine condition.  It’s the latest addition to our antique department and is moderately priced at $2,950.00.  

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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