This or That – Volume Five

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling and Contemplative Things

Jewelry shopping is filled with conundrums…

  • Big Chain Store or Family Business?
  • Shop online or Shop in Person?
  • Antique, Estate, or Modern?
  • Authentic Antique or Vintage-inspired?
  • Below Budget or Budget Buster?

Let’s just get that first question out of the way….  we believe the only answer is a family-owned jewelry store.  In fact, we believe that there’s only one store to buy jewelry – Joden Jewelers, of course.  And if you ask our customers, they will agree.  Offering the best of both worlds, we combine the hometown experience with an inventory that puts those big city stores to shame.  Even if you aren’t local, we offer more than one way to shop at Joden.  Many clients travel quite a distance for a Joden “fix” – some have even boarded a plane and crossed the ocean to get here.  Our website has a delectable array of gems and jewels (check it out for yourself that is updated daily.  In addition, many of our customers shop via phone call, text message, and even email.

As for the remaining three questions – I have a pair of rings to help us decide.  Here’s the scoop.

THIS ring on the left is an authentic Art Deco beauty.  Made entirely from platinum, the ring has an Old European Cut diamond center that weighs approximately .60 carat.  The shoulders of the ring feature six fancy-cut natural emeralds and an additional twenty round diamonds.  These diamonds offer .20 carat of sparkle.  In near mint condition, this superb ring also showcases milgrain edges, hand-engraved patterns and pierced filigree designs.  It’s authentic, antique and more than a little lovely.  All of this can be yours for $3375.00.

THAT ring on the right is a vintage-inspired charmer.  It’s also made entirely from platinum with a round brilliant diamond center that weighs approximately .43 carat.  Four square cut natural emeralds flank the center stone while an additional twenty-four round diamonds encircle the entire section.  While it does offer milgrain edges, there’s no engraving here… just a dainty high-polished shank.  This modern ring is available for just $1,300.00.

Both of these lovely rings are available in the store.  The question remains… Would you choose the authentic antique ring for $3375 or would you opt for the vintage-inspired ring for just $1,300? What do you think…  THIS or THAT?  

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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