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Baubles, Bling and Turquoise Things

“Let us live like flowers, wild and beautiful and drenched in sun.”  -Ellen Everett

What an image-  wild, beautiful and drenched in sun!  It’s the most perfect way to describe this week’s featured piece.  Bearing the mark 9999 on the under side of the rounded contour of the band, this engaging jewel is made entirely of 24-karat gold.  That’s pure gold – no alloys or other metals – and it’s glorious.  The color is more than buttery (a term often used to describe 18-karat);  it’s deeply saturated with a glow like nothing else.  The luster of pure gold is hypnotic and it never fades – it’s forever drenched in sunlight.

Continually captivated by flowers of every kind, I was immediately drawn to this oversize blossom.  Measuring nearly an inch across, this five-petaled posy exudes joy.  Sitting at a size 7.25, it’s quite comfortable on the middle finger of my right hand.  The band offers a sturdy width – over a quarter of an inch at the shoulder and tapering to an eighth of an inch at the back.  High karat gold is quite soft and ductile which makes this heavier shank not just a feature but also an important function that makes the ring wearable.

Each of the five petals has a raised, high-polished edge – as it reached the center of the flower, it turns into a prong that holds the center stone. The surface of the petals offer a light texture (perhaps sandblasted) and is veined with deep grooves that provide an authentic, lifelike feel.  Nestled in the center is a striking blue turquoise.  This 11mm round gem has a smooth surface and strong consistent color.  With a glossy surface and delightful greenish-blue hue – this beauty completes the ring to perfection.  

In the United States, 10, 14, and 18-karat gold jewelry is manufactured regularly – 24-karat is a rarity.  However, it is the norm in India, China and the Middle East.  It is believed to bring good luck.  With a color unlike any other, it is readily recognized and has been used as currency all over the world for centuries.  Additionally, the flower is a symbol of prosperity – this one is on our site for just $1,950.00.  The combination of the two meanings (24-karat = good luck and the flower = prosperity), the wearer of this ring is destined for happiness….  and a life that is wild, beautiful and sun drenched.  

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

Joe’s Special Box – Volume 43

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and A Collector’s Things

With the Christmas holiday all wrapped up, at Joden, we have already turned our attention to 2019.  As I was searching through Joe’s Special Box to find the perfect piece for this week, I kept coming back to this pair of golden beauties.  With Valentine’s Day only weeks away – these sweet little heart rings are sure to please.  

The first ring is made from a rich 22 karat gold and features a duo of flower blossoms on a delicately textured background.  Leaves and vines trail down each shoulder adding to the natural appeal of the piece.  Yellow gold has made a strong comeback in the last year, and this ring would be a great statement piece for anyone’s jewelry wardrobe – it’s modestly priced at $640.

The second ring (shown on the right above) is made from pure 24 karat gold.  The warm buttery gold piece features the words “beautiful light” in Japanese.  Etched into each shoulder is an eight-petaled flower, a subtle yet much needed detail…  priced at $750. 

The allure of high karat gold was undeniable in 2018 – and 2019 promises to be even stronger.  Our selection of karat gold jewelry is vast and varied.  Get a head start on your Valentine’s Day shopping with a sweetheart of a ring available exclusively at Joden Jewelers.  

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to Joden and touch.”

Writing and Photos by Carrie Martin

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