Walk Like an Egyptian

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Baubles, Bling and Re-Created Things

Talk about a statement piece!  Twenty-five inches of rich, buttery 18 karat yellow gold presented in three rows of triple-ribbed rolo links.  Made in classic Egyptian revival style, this bold beauty is a celebration of the ancient culture famous for it’s fascination with both life and death.  

Spaced intermittently along the length of this necklace are sixty-nine tassels with nine of them suspended from the centerpiece.  They vary between one and two inches with each ending in a fluted bell.  This fringe style moves and sways creating an enchanting little jingle.  The anterior of the center placard features an ornately etched scene – a scarab beetle rolling a dung ball is flanked by a pair of winged insects all held within a geometric border.  Flip it over and discover the same scene done in a three-dimensional design starring a Lapis Lazuli inlay.

The scarab beetle has long been a symbol of transformation and resurrection.  These small yet historically significant bugs were at the heart of the Ancient Egyptian culture.  Additionally, the bee is known to represent community.  For thousands of years, civilizations have thrived upon the concept of coming together as a whole to overcome adversity.  This showstopper is available now for $12,800.00.  

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to Joden and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

A Revival

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling and Celebratory Things

These are unprecedented, crazy, and trying times.  Of that there is  no doubt.  Here, in Grove City, we are under state mandated shutdown.  As I was scrolling through Facebook, a friend had posted this quote from Kitty O’Meara:

“And the people stayed home.  And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still.  And listened more deeply.  Some meditated, some prayed, some danced.  Some met their shadows.

And the people began to think differently.  And the people healed.  And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways, the earth began to heal.

And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, and they had been healed.”

These words settled into my soul like a prayer.  We will persevere.  And when we come back to work, and join together again with friends and loved ones, what a reunion that will be…  a revival like no other.  

There is no more fitting talisman for these days than the scarab beetle.  This ancient symbol, resembling the dung beetle, was revered by Egyptians.  This creature was drawn on walls and tombs, worn on necklaces and bracelets.  It is a symbol of immortality and resurrection…  transformation and protection. 

These Egyptian Revival earrings are made from a bright 18 karat yellow gold and feature a pair of scarab beetles, carved from a resplendent Lapis Lazuli.  This brilliant blue stone is speckled throughout with tiny flecks of gold.  Seated at the North, South, East, and Western tips are clusters of three rose cut diamonds.  Spreading out like the rays of the sun, these diamonds add sparkle and warmth to the earrings, priced at $2,650.00.

We look forward to the day when we will open the front doors and resume our normal lives again.  Until then, please continue to join us twice a week for the blog and each day on Facebook and Instagram.  We hope to provide a tiny distraction and a bit of joy.  

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

Joe’s Special Box – Volume 85

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and A Collector’s Things

If you’re a regular reader, then you know all about Joe’s Special Box!  It’s a veritable treasure trove of vintage gems…  you can find anything from a Victorian baby ring for $200 to a incredibly rare Swiss Enamel bracelet priced at over $8,000.00.  I love digging in the box, turning each bag over to see what’s inside.  

Lockets are a favorite – an old-fashioned keepsake.  Fill it with tiny photos, a hand-written note or even a lock of hair…  our customers are always seeking the perfect one.  This Art Nouveau beauty just might be it!  I am captivated by every element.  The bright yellow gold has a matte finish and features a sculpted fan-like shape.  A trio of blue sapphires are bezel set in a vertical line down the center of the piece adding a pop of color.  The chain is original to the piece – consisting of a series of interlocking oval links, seven of which are set with sapphires and is moderately priced at $4,800.00.

It layers beautifully with the elongated Lapis Lazuli pictured above.  Converted from an antique brooch, this pendant has three cabochon rich blue stones, each one surrounded by a halo of seed pearls.  The strong contrast between the blue and the white is very appealing to the eye.    This delicious conversion necklace is priced at $2,700.00.

When you visit us at Joden, be sure to ask about Joe’s Special Box.  The ever-changing inventory is eclectic and varied.  It’s worth the visit, just to see this box.

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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