Pick of the Week – Volume 49

Joden Girl

Baubles and Bling with Unbelievable Pricing

As we continue to re-visit previously featured Picks of the Week, we couldn’t resist this lovely pairing.  We’ll call it “Yellow Gold, Two Ways.”  Both rings are made from the rich warm tones of 18 karat yellow gold but one ring is vintage and one is vintage-inspired. 

This ring brings to life all the beauty of the Art Nouveau era in a new and modern ring.  With a pair of six-petaled blossoms etched onto the outside edges of the ring, it offers subtle botanical ambiance.  The entire top half of the ring is decorated with a deeply etched swirled pattern.  It cascades down the shoulders, encapsulating two tiny diamond sections.  There are six single cut diamonds in total – three on the left and three on the right.  The crowning glory of the ring is a .76 carat Old European Cut diamond.  Unlike the mounting (brand new with Art Nouveau design influences), this diamond is an authentic old stone.  It completes the design to perfection.  Originally priced at $5,000 – this ring has a featured Pick of the Week price of just $3,675.00.

This primitive piece is a true antique.  Hallmarks inside the shank of the ring ascertain that the ring was made during the 1860’s.. over 160 years ago.  It’s in remarkable condition and features a table cut diamond in the center, a cut more commonly used in the 1700-1800’s.  This uniquely faceted diamond is quite deep and weighs 1.00 carat.  Surrounding this diamond, in a square-shaped halo, are an additional twenty stones.  These rose cuts have a combined weight of .30 carat.  Because this ring is made from 18 karat gold, which tends to be soft, the surface is etched with countless tiny scratches giving the piece a lovely patina – a favorite detail of ours.  Initially priced at $5,350.00 – this ring has been price-reduced to just $4,770.00!

A pair of rings like this make it difficult to decide…  true vintage or vintage-inspired?  If it’s the right ring, perhaps it doesn’t matter at all. 

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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