Pick of the Week – An Introduction

Joden Girl

Baubles and Bling with Unbelievable Pricing

Much like the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker, we took full advantage of the hours and days that our store was closed.  While our customers were away, we worked diligently to ensure that we are continually offering the best of our inventory to our dedicated clients each and every day.  

While it is no secret that every showcase at Joden Jewelers is positively overflowing with both modern and vintage treasures, we were still a bit shocked to discover that we have many beautiful pieces that have been overlooked – put on the back burner, so to speak.  And so, we put our heads together and devised a plan.

Every week we will be offering an old favorite with new updated pricing.  This is your opportunity to score a piece or two of Joden inventory at VERY special pricing!  The new price will last one week, so it’s up to you to press that “buy” button!  Don’t miss out on these steal deals! 

If you have a piece that you’ve been dying to get but was just a bit beyond your comfort zone…  send me a message.  You just never know what the Pick of the Week might be!  Check out Facebook, Instagram and our website for these unbeatable savings…  look for the gold heart!  

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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