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There are many facets to the retail jewelry business…  it’s much more than selling pretty things; repair and restoration is a huge part of our shop.  With two master jewelers on staff, one of them is here every day.  Their work ranges from simple ring sizes to custom creations.  Within the scope of that range are remounts. 

Remounting a customers diamond or gemstone can be tricky.  Communication is key as well as a true understanding of the costs involved in making something new from something old.  The most common misconception is that remounting costs a lot less than buying new.  The thought process is…  “I have these rings with all these diamonds and gemstones.  That’s the most expensive part.  I’ll just have them made into what I want.”  It can often be a shock when the customer discovers the cost involved with custom jewelry is well more than the expectation.  Bearing that in mind, remount can still be a viable and rewarding option if the customer and the jeweler work well together.  As I said before, communication is key.  


This charming beauty was probably a remount.  With an antique diamond and a modern mounting, that’s the most likely conclusion.  This 10 karat yellow gold gypsy ring is solid and has a great feel on the finger.  Wider at the top and tapering in the back, it is the classic gypsy style.  These rings were first popularized in the Victorian era.  With no prongs, the burnished setting is smooth as silk and very secure.  The Old European cut diamond is set into the ring rather than onto it and weighs approximately .30 carat.  

Although these rings were originally introduced in the late 1800’s, this particular one is much newer.  Made in the Mid Century Modern period, the ring is 50-60 years old while the diamond is over 100 years old.  This is what leads us to believe that this sweet little ring was a remount.  Priced at $675, it is currently a size 4.75 and can be sized.  Look for it on our site soon.  If you’ve been thinking about a remount, let’s chat!  We’d love to explore the possibilities with you.  

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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