This or That – Volume 13

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling and Mythical Things

Described as “the hoofed master of the ground and the winged master of the air”, the pegasus has long been a symbol of strength and speed.  In Greek mythology, this majestic creature is fabled to be sired by Poseidon and foaled by Medusa.  Legend says Pegasus was killed by Zeus for attempting to reach Mount Olympus.  For centuries, he has been honored as a constellation in the night sky.  

This allegorical winged horse has often been the subject of art, literature, and pop culture.  Even in the Victorian era, the pegasus appeared in paintings, architecture and jewelry.  

An 18-karat yellow gold frame completely encapsulates the outer edge of this late Victorian cameo.  Unlike most cameos, this carving doesn’t focus on the profile of a man or woman.  Instead, this hard-stone sculpture features a winged horse beside a female figure.  Her clasped hand holds the bridle of this mythical beast.  Hand carved from a singular piece of banded agate, the image is three dimensional and lifelike.  

When shown from behind, a hinged loop appears.  When worn as a brooch, this ring tucks away from view.  However, when the hinge is opened, the ring allows this ethereal cameo to be worn as a pendant as well.  In pristine condition, this pegasus carving is available for $3,750.00.

Not simply a subject for the Victorian era, these modern earrings also feature the pegasus. This is a different type of carving.  Instead of the winged horse rising off the surface of the stone, this one is etched INTO the stone.  It’s called intaglio.  The image in engraved beneath the surface of the stone. 

Made from 14-karat yellow gold, these leverback style earrings present a pegasus cut into a cushion-shaped piece of translucent blue stone.  A second stone, a cabochon ruby, is prong set under the winged horse.  Three clusters of gold beads accent the frame of the ruby.  Bearing the mark of “H.W. Burdick”, these earrings are available now for just $825.00.  

Both this cameo and that pair of earrings highlight the mysterious pegasus.  Both pieces utilize a form of carving to creature the image.  I can’t help but wonder which is your favorite.  Do you prefer this pegasus cameo or that pair of pegasus intaglio earrings?  This or that?

“You can go to a museum and look or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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