Signature Series – Volume 18

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling and Quality Things

In 1979, partners Jay Bauer and Anthony Hopenhajm founded a new and innovative jewelry design firm that utilized organic materials like rare wood breeds and seashells as well as gemstones.  The result was bold – these chic motifs became wearable modern art.  Trianon pieces were instantly recognizable and highly sought after.

Just thirteen years later, in 1992, this dynamic duo purchased another iconic company.  Seaman Schepps was a well-known brand for decades.  Established in 1904, the aesthetic was very much the same as Trianon – natural elements and candy-colored gems reigned supreme.  Schepps was an American designer inspired by frequent trips to Paris, the fashion capital of the world.  A family company, the firm passed from father to daughter after his retirement in the late 1960’s.  Patricia was at the helm of the ship until she sold to Jay and Anthony.  Trianon and Seaman Schepps continue to be widely recognized and wildly successful.  

A recent acquisition, these original Trianon studs offer the whimsical style that the brand is famous for.  These 20mm earrings capitalize on an unusual shade of jade.  Presenting with a lovely soft greenish-blue hue, each rounded cabochon gem is polished to a shine and nestled within a 14-karat yellow gold frame.  A solid sheet of gold covers the back of each earring and fully encapsulates the edge of the jade.  

Though these earrings are currently made in non-pierced fashion, a post could easily be added for those with pierced ears.  My favorite part of the earrings is the whimsical and somewhat random golden rivets that decorate the smooth surface of the jade.  There are two distinct sizes of rivets, a small and a larger size.  The larger rivets hold four round cabochon sapphires and the smaller rivets hold three round brilliant diamonds in each earrings.  The deep blue and white gems add a bright pop of color.  Combined, the eight sapphires have a weight of .40 carat and the six diamonds have a weight of .18 carat.  

Shown here, the Trianon hallmark is crisp and clean.  Likely made in the 1980’s, these are the latest addition to our estate department.  The earrings are available for just $1,350.00.  After assuming ownership of Seaman Schepps, Anthony Hopenhajm stated “It is vital, as time passes, to look around, be receptive to the times, and to be open to changes in the marketplace and potential clients.”  That’s very solid advice from a man who leads not just one but two powerhouse jewelry companies!  

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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