Joe’s Special Box Luxury Edition – Volume 15

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling and A Collector’s Things

Three years ago, Joe strongly encouraged Dana and I to broaden the scope of the pieces that we showcase on social media and here, in the blog.  He was specifically interested in offering high-end luxury items.  After a lively discussion, an agreement was reached, and this special edition of the blog was born.  Volume 1 began with these words…

“The treasures at Joden are seemingly endless.  Our showcases are overflowing with the finest antique, estate, and modern jewelry.  From Victorian vignettes to Art Deco dazzlers – our collection is truly something to behold.  What you may not know is that not every gem is on display.  Some lucky guests have received a private showing in Joe’s office.  There, nestled into the golden oak cabinetry, tucked between endless volumes of Sotheby’s and Christie’s catalogs are the crème de la crème; an assemblage of the rarest jewels suitable for even the most seasoned connoisseurs and private collectors.”

Since then, we have showcased fourteen truly special pieces.  Today is the fifteenth installment.  Although modern jewelry isn’t typically my jam, this ring was simply irresistible.  Made entirely of 18-karat white gold, this beauty is a three-stone ring on steroids.  

A matched pair of fine lush green emeralds flank the center stone.  Each one is cut in a half-moon shape and is encapsulated within a diamond halo.  The rich tone of these precious gems cannot be captured in a photo – it needs to be appreciated in person.  Combined, these emeralds have a total weight of approximately .70 carat.  Fifty-eight round brilliants create shimmering borders around the three main stones and decorate the shoulders and edges of this spectacular ring.  These diamonds have a total weight of approximately .50 carat. 

The emeralds and melee diamond trim form the perfect stage for the true star of the show – a killer 1.78 carat round brilliant diamond.  Certified by the Gemological Institute of America – this bright white diamond is an E color and an SI1 in clarity.  Sparkling from every angle, this diamond is truly luxurious.  

The birthstone for the month of April is diamond, while emerald is the birthstone for May.  Emerald is also the designated gem for both the 20th and the 35th anniversary.  Perfect for so many reasons, this natural earth-mined diamond ring is available for $16,500.  Not yet on our website, it can be found in the inner sanctum…  Joe’s office.  Drop by and request a tour.  You never know…  you just might take a bit of luxury home with you. 

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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