Getting Personal with the Personnel – Volume Eight

Debbie Miles Master Jeweler

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling and Insider Information

With her two-year anniversary just around the corner, she’s the newest employee at Joden Jewelers.  Sass and sarcasm are her brand…  and pair perfectly with her stylish silver spikes.  With more than thirty years of experience at the bench, this feisty Italian mama is a master of the torch and a maestro in the kitchen.  From beautifully handcrafted wire-wraps to homemade beef enchiladas, she is full of surprises.  She gives a hug that can glue all your broken pieces back together, meet Debbie!

Having previously worked with all modern jewelry, Debbie has truly embraced the experience of repairing and restoring antique jewelry.  In fact, holding an 18th-century treasure in her hand all the while knowing it was handmade hundreds of years ago is her biggest accomplishment at Joden.  


These photos showcase just a handful of the conversions that Debbie has created for us.  Dana and I were thrilled to discover that not only does she have an eye for design, she LOVES upcycling as much as we do.  She fully embraced the trend and has often added her own spin.  Request an appointment with Debbie to re-imagine and old piece or create something entirely new.  An in-house jeweler is a priceless asset; we are doubly blessed to have two full-time bench jewelers.  The experience of having one of those master craftsman be a woman has added a valuable element to our team that is as beneficial as it is fun!  Debbie is the very thing we never knew we needed but are so lucky to have.  

Debbie is definitely a modern girl – preferring the look of clean lines and simple, elegant designs.  And although she is not a Victorian virgin, her experience and exposure to antique jewelry was limited.  Over the last two years, she has developed a deep appreciation for the skill and precise technique required to create these vintage visions… Debbie has even come to like some of them, but not all.  In fact, when I asked her what her least favorite piece in our inventory was, she named an entire genre.

Micromosaic.  This centuries old style involves tiny pieces of ceramic (called tessarae) that are inlaid to create a picture.  Debbie is in awe of the talent and time involved in making each of these miniature masterpieces, aesthetically speaking – they just aren’t her jam.  As I said, she’s a modern girl.

In fact, this ring is her favorite piece…  one that she designed and fabricated for herself.  Made from platinum, 14-karat yellow and 14-karat white gold, this straightforward solitaire is the epitome of sophisticated style.  With a .87 carat round brilliant diamond bezel set between a pair of straight parallel prongs seated at 9 and 3 o’clock, this unique setting shows off the center stone to perfection.  And while this beauty isn’t available – you can meet with Debbie to design one of your own.

Aside from her career, the things that are most important to Debbie are some of my favorite F-words too…  faith, family and food!  When the weather is right, you can find Debbie at her happy place – an envious riverfront property, a little piece of heaven on earth.  Whether she’s foraging for wild mushrooms, grilling up the perfect dinner or floating down the Allegheny… you can bet that Debbie is doing it with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.  

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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