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Baubles, Bling and 2020 Things

Heading into the new year, social media is exploding with “new year, new me” sentiments and goals for 2020.  I find myself reflecting on 2019, amazed at how quickly it passed.  A wise person once said…

“The days are long, but the years are short.”

That statement resounded with me so much in these past few months.  With that in mind, perhaps New Year’s Resolutions would be best if they focused on bigger ideas and concepts like achieving potential and discovering inner strength rather than numbers on a scale (which tends to be my usual goal!).

The black panther has long been a symbol of power and protection.  This graceful animal represents valor, courage and determination.  

It is not the biggest or even the most fierce of the cat family, but it is thought to be the most cunning, utilizing it’s coloring to survive.  The black coat of the panther is an anomaly.  Most large felines feature a spotted golden coat.  It is the luck of genetics that give the panther his color.  

This 14 karat rose and yellow gold bypass ring made by Effy is the ideal talisman for 2020.  Featuring over 2.15 carats of cinnamon, black, and white diamonds – this piece glitters from every angle.  Bright green emerald eyes glow from each fierce face.  It’s moderately priced at $3,250.  

“Effy” was founded in 1979 by Effy Hematian.  For more than three decades, this American company has focused on handcrafted pieces with creative designs.  Inspired by its beauty and strength, Hematian chose the panther as his muse – and I cannot argue with his choice or his success.  This ring speaks of quiet determination and the ability to overcome adversity.  It seems to say “Bring it, 2020…  I’m ready for you!”  

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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