Joe’s Special Box – Volume 34

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and A Collector’s Things

Nine parallel rows of finely woven 15 karat yellow gold form the continuous loop of this Victorian slide bracelet.  The silken mesh glides like silk over the hand to rest on the wrist.  The cleverly adjustable mechanism (or slide) features a beautifully engraved circle…  home for the crowning glory of this antique beauty – a 12.5 mm cabochon coral bead, polished to a shine.  Coral of this size and color is rare and highly collectible. 

From the palest of pinks to deep blood reds, coral has been a prized gem for hundreds of years, especially during the 19th century.  In fact, most coral reefs are now protected to prevent further harvesting of this organic gemstone.  In the late 1800’s, when this bracelet was made, coral was thought to provide protection and promote good health.  Necklaces and pendants were commonly worn by infants and young children.  This piece, however, was made for a woman.  Perhaps to guard against infertility, yet another superstition associated with this colorful stone.  No matter the purpose, the undeniable result was an exquisitely handsome piece.  

This antique vision is available now for $7,650.00.  The rarity and condition of this bracelet have guaranteed it a spot in Joe’s Special Box…  at least until someone takes it home.  

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Written by Carrie Martin

Photo by Shelly Isacco

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