Hot or Not – Volume 10

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By and large, most mainstream modern jewelry follows current trends and styles.  Countless companies are mass-producing thousands of shockingly similar, basic jewels.  To be honest, most of it is pretty.  These are the types of pieces that appeal to almost everyone.  They’re ordinary, but never extraordinary.  At Joden, we have a few things that fit into that category.  However, most of our jewelry is vintage – a fact that makes our inventory interesting and filled with stellar stand-out pieces.  Sprinkled amongst these beauties are a few eccentricities.  

Hot or not is a special edition of our weekly blog that is reserved for pieces that leave us wondering.  These are the outliers, the oddities and anomalies.  This week’s selection definitely has me puzzled…  and I can’t help but wonder what you think?

Made entirely of 14-karat white gold, this asymmetrical ring is a bit of an aberration – but maybe in a good way?  The overall shape is a stylized curve.  Forming the base is a ribbed coil of white gold.  Nestled into that curl are six Old European Cut diamonds.  With an average color grade of I and an average clarity grade of SI, these sparklers have a combined weight of .35 carat. 

Seated at the top of the diamonds is one pear-shaped emerald.  Shamrock green in color, this gem provides the perfect pop of color.  Weighing approximately .50 carat, the emerald is bright and beautiful.  (On a side note, shown from the side, I can’t help but note that the ring looks a bit like a King Cobra!  Oh my!) 

This new ring reminds me a bit of an old favorite (above right) that we shared awhile ago…  the blog was titled “From the First Frost to the Last” and you guys went nuts for it!  The ring sold immediately, much to the dismay of many.  With a similar vibe, we couldn’t resist shining a spotlight on this unusual piece.  Looking at it on my hand, I’m not sure.  I find myself still sitting on the fence.  

And I cannot wait to hear what you think.  Priced at $1,175.00, this stand out ring is available on our site now.  Check it out for yourself…  then let us know.  Is this ring hot?  Or not?

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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