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People always say ” the pictures don’t do it justice”.  There’s no doubt, it’s damn hard work to capture the ageless beauty of fine jewelry.  Each piece presents its own challenges, sometimes they can be overcome and sometimes they can’t.  No one at Joden has been more successful at mastering the art of jewelry photography than Dana.  I’ve watched her talent emerge and grow over the last four years.  This week, she nailed it.  I gasped when I saw these gorgeous shots.  

In our collaboration, I am the words and she is the music.  Individually, we are both quite good at what we do, but together, we truly sing.  It’s a frustratingly long and yet exhilarating and extremely rewarding process.  In short, we love our job.  

This pendant is made from 14-karat yellow gold, as indicated by the hallmark on the back of the bail.  Also etched into the reverse side of the pendant are the words “El Paso” with a date…  1915.  Without this clue, I would have called this pendant Victorian, late 1800’s.  All yellow Edwardian jewelry is rare – a fact that makes me love this pendant all the more.  An elongated triangular shape dangles from an inverse tear-drop, both of which feature dainty Etruscan beadwork and delicate seed pearl accents.  A kite-shaped pink stone sits center stage – this lovely pop of color is not a natural gemstone but rather a imitation one.  It’s authentic and original to the pendant.  Fine filigree details speak to the time period and soften the overall feel of the piece.

This beauty hangs from a vintage 18-karat yellow gold rope chain.  Measuring twenty-inches in length, this chain is perfect for the pendant although it’s probably not original.  Priced at $1,275.00, this pendant is available in the store and on our website.  A beauty like this won’t last long…  and I promise, these photos do indeed do justice to this antique gem.  ♥

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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