Joe’s Special Box – Volume 144

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and A Collector’s Things

The locket…  a sentimental symbol of great joy or the deepest sorrow.  Traced back to the 16th century, these decorative compartments could conceal every little thing from the most practical to completely whimsical.  Ladies often placed a small perfume-soaked square of fabric inside her locket to ward off unpleasant smells.  

Good luck charms like a four-leaf clover were sometimes held within a locket.  Perhaps a pressed flower or a lock of hair might also be found inside.  For the more eccentric or dangerous types, a small amount of poison could be carefully hidden for just the right moment.  Queen Elizabeth I was the original initiator of keeping likenesses inside of a locket…  in the 1500’s, this was a small hand-painted portrait; today, we could simply insert a favorite photo.  


Shown from both the front and back sides, this late Victorian locket is made from sterling silver.  The back side that rests against the chest showcases five English hallmarks and an intricately engraved bouquet of flowers…  when flipped to the front side, multicolor enamel brings those blossoms to life.  Centering on a voluptuous pink rose, this wildflower arrangement also boasts forget-me-nots, morning glories, columbine, hibiscus, lilies and cosmos.  Bursting with vibrant hues of green, blue, white, yellow and pink – this piece is lovely.

The chain is every bit as detailed as the pendant.  Eighteen inches long and half an inch wide, this link chain is bold.  I love that the clasp is not hidden in the back, nor at the center where the locket attaches.  Instead, the oversize spring ring is situated on the side, offering ease of use and a bit of playful charm.  The locket itself measures 1.75 inches tall – an ideal size for treasured photos, a small note or whatever strikes your fancy.  The deep green fabric inside is pristine, protected by a thin piece of plastic.  Although this is not original to the piece, it is certainly useful. 

Available now for just $475, this timeless treasure is sure to be beloved in your family for generations to come.  Call today to make it yours.

“You can go to a musuem and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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