His and Hers – Volume Nine

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and Complementary Rings

Partners.  Soulmates.  Kindred spirits.  Lovers.  Husband and wife… a union that is often celebrated with a pair of matching wedding bands.  Twenty-five years ago, our wedding band case was overflowing with everything from classic plain gold duos to pairs of tri-color entwined braids.  Nearly every couple purchased matching bands.  In the years since, both couples and the rings that represent their love have evolved.  Today, more often than not, wedding rings are complementary, like these.

Both made near the turn of the century, these rings embrace everything the Edwardian era had to offer.  First, let’s look at the ladies ring.  Created from both yellow and white 18-karat gold, this elegant ring contains one Old European Cut diamond as the center stone.  This slightly warm gem (K-L in color) weighs approximately 1.30 carats.  Nestled deep within the octagonal-shaped top, this diamond has a clarity grade of VS1-2.  Cascading down the shoulders and wrapping around the sides are intricate engraved patterns; it’s on our site with a newly reduced price of $5700.00.

Comparatively, the gents ring is made from 14-karat gold.  This ring also showcases two-tone appeal.  Just like its counterpart, the shoulders of this ring are inset with white gold segments.  The graduated pattern carved into the shoulders of this ring is identical to the decoration of the ladies ring.  Additional engraving surrounds the center, it offers a more masculine look of both linear and pierced design elements.

Winking from the center of this ring is a .55 carat European Cut diamond.  Exhibiting a fancy deep brown-yellow color, this antique stone has a clarity grade of SI and is priced at just $1385.00.  These two vintage pieces have so much in common and yet also proclaim their own uniqueness. 

Shown on the hand, it’s easy to see how great they look together.  If you and your significant other have been searching for the ideal way to symbolize your commitment – look no further.  Both rings are available now.

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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