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Beginning with a small spark in 1860, the Arts & Crafts movement can be pinpointed to the years between 1880-1920.  With beliefs deeply rooted in true craftsmanship, the inherent beauty of the materials used and finding inspiration in nature, this period was the polar opposite of the Industrial Revolution.  Although the Arts & Crafts movement began at a time when machine manufacturing was prevalent, the founding members of the guild rejected those technological advances and the repetitive style that it churned out.  Instead, they embraced the idea that each piece should be made entirely by hand.  

Floral and foliate themes abounded, often incorporating insects, shells and objects from nature.  It was a revival – a return to the days of true handmade jewelry.  Rejecting the use of traditional manufacturers, these innovative artisans strove to create jewelry that was celebrated for its beauty and not solely for its intrinsic value.  They endeavored to keep costs low thereby making these pieces available to middle class folks.  

This charming ring is tricolor – made from an irresistible combination of 14-karat rose, white and yellow gold.  A single forget-me-not flower lies between four gently curled leaves.  A tiny wire stem connects the leaves and then coils around the shank of the ring.  These details are three-dimensional, adding texture and depth to this turn-of-the century ring.  A white gold elongated oval plate forms the top of the piece.  Set bead and bright cut style are three round diamonds.  Together, these bright gems offer .50 carat of sparkle.  

Following the strict standards of the Arts & Crafts guild meant that one artisan would create a piece entirely on their own from start to finish.  Unfortunately, these stringent rules often led to unsatisfactory results.  This was the single most unsuccessful aspect of the entire movement.  As time went on, the aesthetic remained popular but the ideology waned.  This sweet little ring, circa 1900, is a product of the Arts & Crafts era and the latest edition to our estate department.  Although it’s impossible to know whose hands made this lovely confection, we do know that it’s authentic and original.  The craftsmanship and condition are both superb…  it’s available now for just $2200.00.  Give us a call or stop by to make it yours.  

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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