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I have always associated the name Krementz with costume jewelry.  During my twenty years in the business, I must have opened hundreds of little hinged boxes of cufflinks, collar buttons and other accessories for men.  Carefully inscribed inside many of these boxes in gold foil letters is the name “Krementz”.  For 147 years, this family-owned business did more than survive… they thrived.  It was originally founded in 1866 by George Krementz and a cousin; over the years, the company passed down through generation after generation of skilled artisans.  Each one as talented and savvy as the ones that came before.

During their history, however, this iconic brand made more than men’s accoutrements, they also created some of the dreamiest Art Nouveal enamels as well as many other fine jewels for women.  This latest edition to our antique jewelry department is a wonderful example.

14 karat yellow gold lines intersect and cross over each other in this dainty necklace.  Made near the turn of the century, it is classic Art Nouveau at its finest.  Pastel enamels in shades of green, white and pink cover the delicate leaves that decorate this miniature masterpiece.  Tiny seed pearls are nestled into the juncture of each line while a unusual freshwater pearl dangles from the base.  A singular diamond marks the center of the piece.  

Botanical beauty abounds in this dainty darling.  Priced at $1,975.00 – this signed “Krementz” necklace is available on our website.  The legendary company closed their doors forever in 2012.  Make this piece of wearable history yours today.

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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