His and Hers – Volume Three

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Baubles, Bling, and Traditional Things

I have been wearing a wedding band for nearly 19 years…  even when I don’t have it on, there is a dent in my finger where my ring usually resides.  It is a visual reminder of a promise, a commitment…  a vow made and kept.  My hubby has always worked with his hands, he’s blue collar through and through.  As such, he rarely wears his wedding band.  When he does, it gives me a little thrill to see it there – the warm golden color against his calloused working man hand. 

While the tradition of a wedding ring has been in existence for over 3000 years, the history of men’s bands is much more recent.  In the United States, it was commonplace for a woman to wear a ring, but not a man.  However, in the early 1940’s with the advent of WWII, soldiers began wearing a ring.  They wanted to be reminded of their wives and families back home.  The fad continued into the Korean War.  After that, it seemed the trend had become tradition.  

“ABS to WEL – June 4, 1907” and “WEL to ABS – June 4, 1907”

The classically simple design of this matched pair of gold bands captured my heart as soon as I found them.  As I scooped them out of the scrap box (jewelry destined for the melting pot), I was drawn to the natural patina that developed from years of wear.  Thousands of tiny scratches cover the surface of each one, giving the gold a soft look.  Then, I saw the inscriptions inside, and my heartstrings tugged a bit more.  Finally, I slid the smaller of the two over my knuckle…  a perfect fit.  

On June 4, 1907 (a Tuesday), these two lovebirds tied the knot.  At a time when wedding bands were really only for the ladies, these two were so in love that they both wanted a ring.  ABS and WEL wanted that outward sign for all to see…  a golden circle with no beginning and no end. 

No end indeed.  The scrap box is a little lighter today.  These beauties have been rescued and are available in our store!

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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