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Earlier this year, I read an article about a new local business that really spoke to me.  I had met the owners, Micah and Alicia List,  here at Joden on several occasions but I had no idea they had started this cool and trendy business…

The Neck and Tie Company moved into the loft at 144.5 South Broad Street at the end of this past summer (right upstairs from us!) and have been going strong ever since.  It just so happens that Micah’s ties are the perfect pallet for our vintage tie pins.

This is an Art Deco jabot pin made from white gold.  Each decorative end features carved rock crystal quartz, faceted onyx, and carnelian beads.  Priced at $3000, it would be a showstopper on any tie.

Dragons, and swords, and chains, Oh my!  What an exceptional example of Art Nouveau jewelry…  the hilt of the sword is decorated with natural seed pearls and light blue enamel while the blade is capped with a intricately carved dragon.  Who could resist such an elaborate display of masculine finery?  It is available on our website for just $1800 – the perfect stocking stuffer!

Be sure to stop in at 144 South Broad Street for your Christmas shopping…  visit Micah upstairs for neck ties, bow ties, and pocket squares, then visit us downstairs for the perfect tie pin.

“Go to our site and look, then come to Joden and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Shelly Isacco

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