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Baubles, Bling and Crossover Things

There are no clear cut lines when one period ends and another begins.   Though we have assigned years to each of the eras, the lines between are more smudged than those time brackets indicate.  Instead, the style of one era bleeds into the next, inspiring new ideas and still harkening back to the beauty that came before.  Some of the loveliest pieces are challenging to pigeonhole into a particular period.  They’re a crossover – carrying the best of one time period into the next, sparking imagination and creativity.

Georgian pieces are often made from a combination of silver on a gold base – a color pairing that continued on in the early and mid Victorian period.  Now, nearly 200 years later…  the silver portion of these gems has tarnished in the best possible way.  

These beautiful earrings have a dark, rich patina settled into every curve and line.  It accentuates the bright diamonds and soft tone of the yellow gold framework.  Made in three distinct sections, these earrings are set with twenty Old Mine Cut diamonds of varying sizes.  Combined, these gems have a total weight of 1.20 carats! Because the earrings are articulated, they move with you…  sparkling from every angle. 

These diamond dangles were made in the 1850’s – true antiques.  If you go by the date, they’re early Victorian.  But if you go by the look, they’re more Georgian.  Either way, these earrings do not disappoint.  They’re in near perfect condition and are an ideal size.  Measuring just over an inch, these can be worn casually but are also a great choice for a night out!  I love the look of these earrings…  I’m a sucker for patina and the versatility of these beauties makes them even more appealing.  Priced at $2,100.00 – these will quickly become your new favorites.  

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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