Seeing Double

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Baubles, Bling and Twinning Things

♥”When counting my blessings, I count my mother twice.” ♥

I talk to my mom nearly every single day, sometimes more than once.  I call her as much as she calls me.  We laugh and chat about everything…  from the most mundane details of daily life to the heart-stopping fears that only a mother can understand.  And in between phone calls are a million texts, memes, and Facebook posts.  She’s the best, bar none.  

We’re like two peas in a pod, more alike with each passing year.  I thank God for her every day.  On Sunday, we’ll get together (SO excited that our area has moved into the yellow phase of social distancing) to celebrate our family.  The only thing she ever asks for is the gift of time, which I am happy to give.  

Perhaps someday I will be able to present her something momentous…  like half of this pair of nearly identical Art Deco bracelets.  Surely this dazzling duo was meant to be worn by a mother and daughter, don’t you think?  

Both of these beauties are handcrafted from an unbeatable combination of white gold and platinum.  One large open-culet marquise cut diamond sits center stage in each piece; weighing approximately 2.73 carats and 2.79 carats respectively.  The remaining links are comprised of fancy cut black onyx.  The subtle shine of these opaque stones is further enhanced by artfully engraved patterns etched into the side of each link.  

Make this Mother’s Day epic and take one or both of these stunners home today.  Individually priced at $8,450 and $9,500.  Call us at 800-747-7552… with overnight shipping, you’ll have it just in time!

Available exclusively at Joden Jewelers.

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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