Pick of the Week – Volume 48

Joden Girl

Baubles and Bling with Unbelievable Pricing

Without a doubt, The Pick of the Week has been one of the most popular editions of our blog.  So many of you have taken advantage of the discounted pricing available with these special pieces.  Over the past months, we have offered 47 various pieces…  just a few remain.  Over the coming weeks, we will revisit these fabulous finds.  Today, we are presenting an unbeatable duo…  so good, in fact, you just might have to buy them both!

This Mid Century Modern beauty is rich with floral detail.  By pairing 18 karat yellow gold with sterling silver, this textured bracelet comes to life.  A quatrefoil leaf shape that has darkened with natural patina creates the background.  A secondary layer is fitted atop; these yellow gold leaves showcase a bright pink ruby center stone.  This bracelet marries the strong bold lines of the Retro period with soft botanical beauty to absolute perfection.  

More recently, we shared these late Georgian earrings.  These handmade gems resemble flowers that are hanging upside down.  Much like the bracelet, these earrings also combine gold with silver.  They also features small round ruby trim.  The addition of rose cut diamonds and seed pearls add to the romantic vibe of these early 19th century earrings.  Although they were made over one hundred years apart, these straight forward and simple earrings are an ideal complement to our Mid Century Modern bracelet.

Dana and I have been smitten with this accidental pairing!  The bracelet is available now for just $3,250 and the earrings are only $900.00.  Enjoy them both for $4150.00.

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