Majestic Beauty

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling and Enameled Wings

After nearly two years of a worldwide pandemic, amidst quarantines and shut-downs…  you might think that the divorce rate would be at an all time high.  Surprisingly, against all odds, it’s actually on the decline.  More couples are making it work.  It may sound silly, but it makes me hopeful for the future.  

Though we are making progress, we could learn something from swans.  Even during courtship, these majestic beauties engage in romantic gestures like head to head posturing – their long necks form a heart, exemplifying the love and fidelity swans are known for.  

One of the largest flying birds, swans can weigh as much as 33 pounds and have a ten-foot wingspan.  They glide regally across the water when swimming; in flight, swans soar with slow wing beats and their necks stretched out.  Once paired, they mate for life.  They build their nests together and take turns incubating their eggs.  Swans are well-known symbols of monogamy and everlasting love.

The Art Nouveau period lasted from 1890-1910.  The wearable art from this period has an organic and fluid feel.  Made from rich yellow gold, the pieces often depict subject matter from nature, like this one.  Made from high karat yellow gold, this petite Nouveau brooch is a celebration of color.  It centers on a glorious oval opal that comes alive with flashes of green, blue, red and orange.  Surrounded by a fluted bezel, the opal is framed by a pair of swans.  Elegant in shape and form, the neck of each bird curls back around in a graceful arch while the body stretches the entire length of the center stone.  Polychromatic enamel boasts hues from the palest of pinks, peach, lemony-yellow and Tiffany blue.  Four small round diamonds accent the northern and southern tips of the opal, three at the top and one at the bottom.  

Viewed from behind, you can see the link that allows this brooch to also be worn as a pendant.  The small mechanical swivel tucks away when not in use, or flips out as needed.  In addition, a shepherd’s hook is carefully fitted to the base – this gently curved wire is the ideal spot for a pendant watch.  I love that this dainty darling can be worn in multiple ways.  With magnificent detail, these fine feathered fowl are available for just $3,750.00.   

“You can go to a museum and look, or you can come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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