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Baubles, Bling and Emerald Things

If you ask someone what their favorite piece of jewelry is, 99% of the time, it will be a ring.  Diamond rings, colored stones, shiny gold bands – pick your poison…  we have an unbeatable selection.  These bits of finger bling elicit “oohs”, “aahs”, and countless smiles.  With Christmas right around the corner, we have been VERY busy making sure that each case is brimming with an irresistible selection.

Art Deco (the years between 1915-1935) is the most popular era.  Moving ahead from the lacy and feminine feel of Edwardian jewelry, Art Deco offered a modernist vibe.  Sleek and often geometric designs showcased dazzling diamonds and occasionally a tiny pop of color.  In the past few weeks, we have added more than fifty vintage rings to our Deco display, including this little charmer. 

Made from 18-karat white gold, this ring offers a softly rounded silhouette complete with milgrain borders and a touch of engraving.  The center features one round diamond nestled within a hexagon-shaped setting, two additional round diamonds are situated on either side.  These three stones have a combined weight of .65 carat.  Eight more diamonds decorate the outer edges and shoulders of the ring bringing an additional .35 carat of sparkle.  

Set between the three main diamonds are four triangular emeralds.  These bright green gems are oriented point to point, adding to the classic geometric feel of this Art Deco dream.  I’m usually a sucker for sapphires…  but recently, I have been drawn to these bright beryl beauties.  Priced at just $1,750.00 – this sweet little ring is in very good condition.  If you’ve been wanting to add some green under your tree, this ring is the perfect choice!

“You can go to a museum and look, or you can come to us and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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