Four By Four Fun

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Baubles, Bling, and 20th Century Things

At Joden, we have a virtual plethora of vintage gems…  everything from Georgian to Mid-Century Modern.  But there is no doubt that the Art Deco pieces inspire the most “oohs and aahs”.   From the architectural lines to the unmatched style, the jewelry from the 1920’s is decadent and delicious.

One of the most popular designs was a deceptively simple bracelet.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it…  a block bracelet, or box bracelet.  Some call it a four by four or even a five by five, depending on the piece.  Each of these monikers refer to the visual appearance, an alternating series of four round diamonds and then four sapphires (more often than not, these blue beauties were synthetic).

Currently the Joden inventory boasts three of these charmers.  Slight but distinct variances set them apart from each of the others.  We have one crafted from platinum, one from 18 karat white gold, and one from 14 karat white gold.  

Here are detailed images of the white gold versions, first the 14 karat and then the 18 karat.  The craftsmanship of each is superb.  First, let’s review the finer points of the 14 karat one – a full seven inches, set with over 1.60 carats of round diamonds.  The edge is sleek and shiny with no additional ornamentation.  It’s priced right at $3,325.00.  Now for the 18 karat…  it’s been set with 1.00 carat of bright white diamonds, each one individually surrounded by a double milgrain edge.  The side showcases a singular element that sets it apart, two tiny beaded parallel lines that run the entire length of the bracelet.  It’s available now for just $3,175.00.

Finally, we have the platinum piece…  the star of the show.  I love the stylized s-shaped swirl engraved on the edges of each link…  it really gives it that extra something special.  Mimicking the 18 karat gold bracelet, each diamond in this one is set within a pair of milgrain borders.  This detail is oh-so Art Deco, adding a little pizzazz to the 1.00 carat of bling.  While each of the bracelets is in excellent condition, this one positively screams quality.  It just feels good and is priced at $4,400.00.

Stack one or more of these 20th-century dazzlers on your wrist for a bit of vintage glam.  For additional details, drop me a line ( or stop by our showroom.  You won’t be disappointed. 

“You can go to a museum and look, or come to Joden and touch.”

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

A Pair of Pears

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and Shapely Things

Just when I think that the halo craze must surely be coming to an end…  a new twist enters the game and we’re off and running again.  There is no question that fancy-shaped center stones have been on FIRE this year.  In fact, the marquise cut was predicted to be THE shape for 2019.  We added our two cents to that prophecy with A Queen Returns back in February.  With fall on the horizon, I am tentatively throwing in the towel on that one.  While we definitely sold a marquise here and there, the real star of the show this year has been the pear.  

Much as I hate to admit it, even I have been a smitten kitten where this modern double-halo engagement ring is concerned.  It goes against everything I usually like…  but it’s just so sparkly!  I am powerless to resist it.  A dazzling white pear brilliant cut diamond sits center stage in this 18 karat white gold contemporary beauty.  Weighing .48 carat, this diamond packs a punch.  It is surrounded by not one but two diamond halos created from fifty-one round diamonds that wrap around the center then cascade down the shoulders.  The side stones add an additional .45 carat to this ring, bringing the total diamond weight to .93 carat.  Priced at just $2,150, this is A LOT of look for the money.  

Shortly after I discovered the shiny new ring shown above, I stumbled across this tarnished old gem.  Featuring a rose-cut pear-shaped diamond, this 9 karat yellow gold stunner was handcrafted nearly 200 years ago.  It’s Georgian, made in the 1830’s.  Twelve additional rose cut diamonds add another layer of subtle shine to this understated piece.  The total diamond weight comes in at just over a half carat, .55 to be exact.  Each nook and cranny of the softly scalloped edge is rich with a dark patina, achieved solely with age.  It shimmers with quiet beauty for just $925.  

And so I ask you the same question I have been asking myself…  which one will it be?  Are you drawn glossy shine of the new ring or do you covet the gleaming glow of the antique bauble?  Cast your vote on our Instagram post!  

You can go to a museum and look, or you can come to Joden and touch.

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dane Jerpe

Joe’s Special Box – Volume 75

Joden Girl

Baubles, Bling, and A Collector’s Things

Lately, my partner-in-crime and I have been really looking at the jewelry… studying it.  Dana is my work bestie and the one who takes all the stunning photos for the blog, the website, and our social media.  Together we are an unbeatable team, a dynamic duo to be sure.  Since we have taken on the monumental task of manning the internet portion of Joden Jewelers, we find ourselves regarding each piece in a new light.  

Like this bracelet, for example.  Once, I would have passed it over without much more than a cursory glance.  But today, I took it out of the bag and draped it across my wrist.  I louped the design.  Then I handed it to Dana, asking “What about this?”  I watched her repeat the same process I had just gone through.  She turned it over carefully in her hand, taking in the vivid white opals and the bright diamond trim and then responded with a resounding “Maybe!”.  

You see, we are in an endless search to discover the pieces that not only speak to us, but also to you.  In the seven short months that we have been working on this joint venture, we have had marginal success and a few bright shining moments of greatness.  We are both striving for more.

So here we are with a 1970’s 14 karat two tone bracelet, found in Joe’s Special Box.  What’s so “special” about this chunky (and a bit funky) piece?  It was constructed with a woven bamboo frame.  This yellow gold structure has been enhanced with six oval opals that glimmer with orange and green fire from within.  Twelve white gold diamond flowers adorn the spaces between the opals.  Priced right at $4300, I have just one question for you.  Is it hot or not?  We anxiously await your response.  Let us know what you think via email… or

Written by Carrie Martin

Photos by Dana Jerpe

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